Market Research

Accurate gathering and analysis of essential market information that is presented in clear-cut reports

Tangerine will help you discover what your customers want, need, or believe and discover how they act.


Our statistical analysis will provide you with mission critical information that will help determine how to market your product and support your management decisions.

If you want to build a great brand and bottom-line, you need to carefully balance creativity with solid market analysis and research data. This can be achieved using a number of disciplines and requires a company with a sound understanding of the Mozambique market dynamics.

Businesses need hard facts to make the right decisions. Market research through observation enables managers to clearly understand what’s happening at both retail and customer levels.


This includes how customers are welcomed when entering the shop, the quality of the display, the friendliness of the staff and the overall customer experience they go through when making a purchase.


Management can use this information to make key changes to enhance the customer service quality of the business to better satisfy customers in the future.


Tangerine´s Market Research Programs will assist management with staff evaluations, and provide key Insight into your and your competitors performance.

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